27th November 2017

Jaynic invests in top quality landscape at Suffolk Park

Jaynic, the developer of the 2m sq ft Suffolk Park scheme in Bury St Edmunds, attaches significant importance to the park’s natural environment and has awarded a £175,000 landscaping contract to Aspect Landscape which will start on site in January 2018.

Advised by landscape designers Indigo Landscape Architects, Aspect is going to landscape the border areas around the park to include 500 trees, 1.25 miles of hedge, 500 sapling trees and 22,000 root shrubs. 

Jackson Civils is currently building a 200m long and 30m wide landscape bund along the A14 to shield the park from this east-west trunk road.

Zeb Hoffman of Indigo says that the project is seeking to establish the landscape infrastructure for the long-term development of the park with an attractive landscape along the estate roads together with woodland buffers in wildlife corridors along the outer edge of the estate. Occupiers, who will be responsible for their own landscaping, will be guided by a landscape strategy document to help create a consistent appearance throughout the park.

He adds: “We are primarily using native plants that provide habitat and foraging for local wildlife.  This includes 30m landscape buffers that will ultimately develop into woodland belts, sheltering the park and creating connectivity routes for wildlife to move around the countryside.

Installations will also include bat and bird boxes as well as reptile hibernacula, 2m round mounds of earth, stones and branches that provide winter hibernation sites for reptiles.

The substantial landscape buffers will also provide routes for hedgehogs and badgers so that they don’t have to cross major roads.

Jaynic has benefited from an innovative agreement with St Edmundsbury Borough Council who provided a £3m loan facility agreement towards the road infrastructure and landscaping.

Cllr John Griffiths, Leader of St Edmundsbury Borough Council said: “By providing a higher quality environment, West Suffolk can attract the inward investment and the right mix of businesses to safeguard the growth of our economy both now and into the future. We are keen, and are acting, to help deliver a greater level of skills, pay and opportunities for young people as they leave education, in turn enabling greater wealth, prosperity and better living conditions for all of our residents.”

In recognition of the site’s historic links with the World War 2 Rougham Airfield there will be two information boards installed along the site’s cycleways for viewing by members of the public. The information boards were designed in close coordination with Rougham Control Tower Aviation Museum to raise awareness of the site’s historic significance.  Stainless steel markers will also be installed throughout the park marking where the historic airfield runways crossed today’s roads.


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